Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reading: Rejection and Art juries

Curious about the mindset behind the jury of your recent art festival or exhibition, look at this discussion (at time heated) about transparency, submission fees, and getting feedback. OVAC constantly strives to be open about our selection processes-- be sure to ask if you want to know about how any of our programs work. I've never had artists ask how guest curators view images, what we send with the images (usually a list with all caption info), or about submission numbers. We are glad to share the process with those submitting.

We also are glad to offer so many open call opportunities and endeavor to help artists get feedback when possible, but for some programs it's hard for us to get artists comments. For instance, we had 199 artists submit to Momentum. I am not sure how long it would have taken for the curators to write notes about each piece submitted, but even if 2 minutes per that would be 6 hours! They already spent a half day looking at the work and narrowing down the selections. I hope artists are able to find personalized feedback from friends, critiques and artist groups.

Thanks to Alyson Stanfield for sending this link via Twitter.

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