Friday, February 6, 2009

Tip: Websites

I get frustrated when I go to a website address and find "under construction" in large type on the home page or multiple parts. Really, a website should always be under construction. A website should be a living, breathing part of your business.

I hear a lot of artists wanting to make the perfect site (like, "oh, I'm waiting to put up a website until I finish this body of work," etc), but you should start now. Make a website that is reasonable for you. If it is just a template website or blog, fine. Just be sure it has up-to-date information and quality images. Know you can always add more pages and refine the structure.

Consider how you will us your site. It is a tool. I saw a mot the other day, "Build small businesses not websites ."


Sikiu Perez said...

Julia thank you reminding me the importance of a website. I bought a domain and haven't built a web, first of all because I don't know how, I'm studying about it but I have way to much work to do before. Can you suggest me what to do? maybe a free template somewhere?
Thank you

Kelsey Karper said...

There are plenty of companies out there that provide website templates that are easy to use. Some charge monthly fees for the template, in addition to hosting fees. Many hosting services also have some pretty basic web templates included in your hosting package. If you're using a Mac, iWeb is a great, easy to use program for creating a website, with lots of templates to choose from.