Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tip: Show respect for your artwork

Respect... want some? Resonating in many artists' dialogue about their work is a hope for respect: a desire for public recognition, acknowledgement by the art world, and perhaps even a legacy.

If you want other's respect, value your own artwork. By this I mean, keep track of it (yes inventory!), handle it well (not talking white gloves, but don’t throw it in your trunk), and label it (a simple, name and title will do, but you could get fancy with contact information and the like).

Oklahoma is a very familial art scene, but that doesn’t mean you should be casual about your artwork. If you account for your work and show you think it’s valuable, others are more likely to do the same.

See images: simple label with just title and artist name, no label (we wrote the artist’s name on there to keep it straight) and slightly scary label (what if that post it falls off, then we know nothing).


sarah said...

Another labelling idea that came up at an OVAC workshop: write the title of your piece on your business card, and attach that card to the work. This is especially helpful in group shows where many artists are represented.

Keeping an inventory has been very valuable for me, I highly recommend it. I keep mine on 3x5 cards. Here is my template, if anyone might find it useful (PDF, less than 1 MB):

sarah said...

Also, in case anyone was wondering, the first photo is the back of one of my pieces. It's a reused panel -- I didn't label the front.