Friday, November 21, 2008

Reading: Blogs

I've been enjoying artists' blogs more and more. Many engage audiences, explore ideas, and explain their artistic process as well as promoting specific shows or products. Even if you aren't up for writing your own blog, reading other artists' blogs such as-- how do they work? where do they show? how do they think?-- can be a part of your artistic career research and networking.

A few OVAC members that have excellent blogs:
Debby Kaspari has taken us along on her artistic journeys for many years with sketches

Sarah Atlee always keeps images at the forefront along with interesting, up-to-date information, like the invitation to her opening on right. She's good about giving shout out to friends (and organizations like OVAC!) as well, which seems to both attract traffic and create good will.

Esteban Pulido was recently on CNN. Really. His work related to the election. This is how I found his blog and learned more about his concepts.

If you're an OVAC member, send us your blog URL so we can begin logging them in our database (as well as website addresses).

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sarah said...

Wow, thanks for the nod! I am really enjoying the OVAC blog.