Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Artist Tip: The Welcoming Environment

Well lit, good seating, accessible artwork, and refreshments: these qualities helped make the Line Gallery’s Saturday evening opening a hit. Joe Slack and his wife Angela converted an office behind their home at Portland and 46th in Oklahoma City into a gallery. They have regular openings there of Joe’s work along with several guest artists. This time, Larry Pickering, Tracy and Rick Bewley, and Josh Buss had sculptures outside. Don Narcomey had wood and mixed media works inside along with Buss’s photography and Joe’s wall creations.

The space is welcoming. The environment is fun and kid friendly with Slacks large studio open for touring as well. Overall, what a neat way to introduce people to your artwork and continue relationships with an audience. How can you make your artwork more accessible and art events more welcoming?

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