Monday, August 25, 2008

Exhibition: Corporatocracy

Up now at the IAO Gallery, "Corporatocracy" is an exceptionally compelling exhibition up through September 12. The curatorial effort, envisioned primarily by director Jeff Stokes, paid off in a focused grouping of artwork addressing the role of corporations in our culture. Marwin Begaye's forceful prints decry the affect of processed foods on American Indians in high-contrast wood cuts ala Mexico's Taller de Gráfica Popular. Steve Breerwood combines genres such as Diego Rivera's images of field workers with the contemporary issues of minimum wage workers at Wal Mart.

Many of the works indict our consumer culture along with the corporations that fulfill and encourage our consumerism. This exhibition should not be missed-- both because it is strong and it is an example of how an insightful curator can enliven all the artworks in the exhibition through juxtaposition and themes.

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