Thursday, August 28, 2008

Artist Tip: Disaster preparedness

From the Craft Emergency Relief Fund's recent enews:

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS TIP OF THE MONTH Images are an artist's lifeblood. Without them there is nothing to submit with show applications, for exhibitions, or for press coverage. Most artists store their slides and digital images in the studio, and they are usually lost if they have a fire or are struck by a natural disaster. Store duplicates of your film images and backup media containing copies of digital images (CD, USB flash drive, or USB hard drive) at a secure offsite location. This should be someplace at least 50-100 miles away, that is unlikely to be affected by the same disaster (Katrina washed away whole banks, so a safety deposit box in your town may not be good enough). For example, put copies of all of your images in a fire and water-resistant file box and leave it at a family member's house in another town. You could also exchange boxes with another artist and both of you would be protected. While you're at it, copy documents that you cannot afford to lose like insurance papers, legal documents, and your glaze formulas or other process notes and stick those in there, too!

Learn more about CERF and their programs:

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