Friday, June 13, 2008

Momentum Tulsa: Reports from the Field

It's hard work driving a sixteen-foot truck over 70 mph in a howling cross wind. Good thing I'm not driving. We, meaning Trent (driving the truck), and I (driving the directions into his ears), are on the way to Tulsa to deliver everything necessary for Momentum Tulsa, which means the unpacked contents of the clown car miracles of OVAC's closets. Walls, drinks, plastic cups exceeding the 4,00 mark, table cloths, banners, tool buckets, tool belts, tool chests, sculpture stands, extension cords, utility lights, all payload in concentrated widths of the truck, an art show in cargo barelling down the turn pike hills (the engine of the truck was far less brazen going up them).

At this moment frozen in time, the reality of a mobile, flexible, gallery-free, Oklahoma-or-bust art organization comes to bear. OVAC may be based in one basement, but we carry art shows on our back like a circus without tigers.

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