Monday, April 14, 2008

Tips for Artists: Visit Studios

Last weekend was our Tulsa Art Studio tour. Seeing how more than a dozen artists work and set up their working spaces was enlightening. The volunteer committee, artists and staff got to go around to most of the studios on Friday evening as a caravan. Many participants commented that this experience was inspiring. Even I wanted to get out some art materials and make some work (and I'm not an artists!).

Also, several artists commented about specific things they learned-- ideas for shelving, places to buy certain paint, etc. Each others work spaces are great idea-generators for artists. Shan Goshorn-- see image-- had an inspired space with great storage and her other love of birds present. So, don't wait for a studio tour to find this information. You could visit your friends working spaces now. You could organize with a few folks and do your own pot luck visiting of each other.

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